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Pocket Spring

Pocket Spring mattress
Is a different mattress for people who like to sleep in a true comfort
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Special Cotton

Special Cotton mattress
The technology used in this mattress spinal cord in natural state.
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Super classic

Super classic mattress
It is bycompelete support orthopedic springs which(radiuses the bone problem).
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BARABAS mattress
Barabas mattress for memories of good sleep. The spring attached system of barbs mattress with best to days quality. In each mattress 200 springs are used and the most body contact is maintained.
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DORSA mattress
KHOSHKHAB Dorsa mattress Economical and comfortable, filled with sponge and solid materials, which increase the life time of mattress and security of good sleep .
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Tebbi mattress
The medical elastic mattress with special effect fulfill inside mattress
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